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Eastern Topographics - Aerial photography and topographic mapping of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.
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Low Price Guarantee

Eastern Topographics offers professional aerial mapping services employing reliable methodologies to assure better than National Map Accuracy Standards. Ground control selection and identification meets strict quality control requirements and establishes a geometric matrix suitable to aid in trouble-shooting potential conflicts with control data. We do this in a cost effective environment with the primary objective of assuring quality mapping while still offering the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Although unlikely, if you receive a lower priced proposal than ours, Eastern Topographics will meet that proposal and offer an additional reduction. We reserve the right to decline any project, however If E-TOPO declines… we will pay $200 for having had the opportunity to provide a more competitive price.

It will be necessary to provide E-TOPO with a copy of an authorized proposal to determine whether it is an “apples to apples” equivalent of our proposal.

We are eager to be your primary source for reliable, high quality aerial mapping and will not allow pricing to diminish that relationship.

Another loyal client benefit is our E-TOPO Rewards program. We are pleased to offer Reward Credits equal to 1% of any contracted mapping. Credits may be used for ordering aerial imagery scans at higher resolutions than the free downloads available on our Online Photo Index, or may be applied to a future mapping project.

We also offer you free advertising in the form of a listing on our website for 24 months from the completion date of your most recent ETOPO project. Your company’s services and contact information will be available to the general public viewing our Online Photo Index if they make a selection with a mouse click to see an online list of surveyors or engineers that offer services within the area of the low altitude image they are viewing. If you wish to not be included in this free listing, you can “opt out” at the Client Login section of our Home Page.

Experience and Education count in choosing a professional partner that can save you time and money. We present “Surveyor” Spoken Here. E-TOPO employs land surveyors licensed in several states and a Certified Photogrammetrist, Emeritus. We can effectively communicate with our clients as colleagues – “been there done that”. A valuable asset when problems occur.

E-TOPO is a Sustaining Member of land surveyor organizations in all the primary markets in which we offer aerial mapping services.