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Eastern Topographics - Aerial photography and topographic mapping of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.
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Client Comments

 "I just received the topo for (location). Thank you for the prompt turnaround on this project."

 "Thanks again for the quick turnaround."

 "As always, it is a pleasure working with Eastern Topo."

 "A week ago I requested a quote through your on-line system and have been very impressed with your response. Your service has been great. I hope that we have the opportunity to have this work performed by Eastern Topographics."

 "We received your email of the aerial mapping along with your mailing of the contact prints and CD of the aerial. Thank you very much for the quicker than expected turn-around. It allows us to get a jump on the project and also gives us something to show the client for a meeting that happened to be scheduled for today. Being able to show the client your completed work will show (our firm) to be attentive to their needs and keeps everyone in a good light. Thanks again."

 "Thank you. I will be submitting the proposal to my client this week. Your fees were right in line with another company and way under those of the other. For what it is worth I will be recommending your firm to my client. We have been happy with all the jobs you have done for us."

 "We had you guys provide us with some roof elevations for one of our projects. There was one building that was not within the mapping limits, so we had to triangulate the height from the ground. So as a check, we also shot one of the features that you elevated….and we agreed within 0.15’. We were hoping to just know we were in the ballpark…and it hit very well considering we came off a manhole rim for elevation and then triangulated a building that was 150’ or so high!"

 "We look forward to working with your firm again and the great work you have provided in the past."

 "Thank you for the thoughtful note! I've been very pleased with your firm each time we've done business."

 "Thank you for the terrific service."

 "I also want to thank you for the ground control photos, etc…………..they were very helpful in getting tied into the control. I don’t think we could have found them easier if we had done the control ourselves………….Thanks"

 "As always, thanks in advance for your excellent work and great service."

 "Thank you very much for the timely delivery of the files."

 "I wanted to express our continued appreciation for the great service you and your staff provide. It is a pleasure working with E-Topo."

 "On Monday my client was driving me absolutely insane. By Tuesday I had the mapping. Thank you and your staff for another excellent job!"

 "Thanks so much for the timely delivery. The aerial compilation appears to fit well and we appreciate the efforts of you and your staff."

 "That is great news. Thank you for your dedication to getting the job done. I had my finger crossed that you might do it over the weekend."

 "Your topo on the (location) looks great. Just wanted to thank you for helping us out by getting someone on this project so quickly."

 "Thanks!! You always help us to look good in our client's eyes!"

 "Eastern Topographics unquestionably provides the best service we could expect!"

 "Thanks very much for the e-mail. I downloaded the files last Friday and have just integrated them into our base map today. We're very pleased with the results. Please extend our thanks to the rest of the team at e-topo for a job well done."

 "…as always, thank you and your staff for the quick turn-around time. Please pass my appreciation on to your staff who worked on this."

 "I've been following your Online Imaging data and I think it is a super-efficient tool for end users such as us. Keep up the great work …."

 "A few years ago, you folks did topographical mapping for me on a 20+ acre parcel. I was very happy with your work. Your performance was very efficient and you hit deadlines, right on target."

 "Thanks so much. …That is why I never even look to get prices from other aerial companies. I have had nothing but good experiences with e-topo."

 "Thanks for the very fast turnaround, it will help us greatly."

 "I like your product and price so we are not ‘shopping’ aerial services."

 "Thanks again for putting together such a very comprehensive package of what is required!"

 "Once again, thanks for your approach in providing excellent service to your customers."

 "I think E-Topo being on our team gave us the winning edge."

 "I've been doing work with Eastern Topographics for over 15 years, and their pricing, service, and quality of work is top notch."

 "I have seen that your product is superior to work I have seen from other mapping firms."